Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alyssa's Tattoo

Alyssa got her first (really her 2nd) tattoo with her dad. They have this weird father daughter tradition where they go and get a piercing or a tattoo or something of the sort every time she comes home. We've done ear, bellybutton and tongue piercings (in which I managed to stay calm), and one tattoo. I think the rest of the world thinks were nuts, but Jeff and Alyssa love it. They really are 2 peas in pod when they are together. Attached are some pictures of the tattoo. (I must say kudos to me for once again remaining calm.)


Anonymous said...

Hi its me again, I loved reading all your fond memories of Alyssa.I mailed you a card today remembering some of our past. I hope you like it. One of my fondess memories is " Sleepy Head" The only way you would get up for school is when I would sing that song to you. haha. Its nice to look back on things but I do agree ( time goes buy very quickly) If you ever get to the point thats its hard to get up for work I will record sleepy head for you haha. Take care lots of love mom

Mary Dunbar said...

Hi Mom,

I remember the sleepy head song. I sing it Jeff on the rare occasion that I want to get up before him. I still know all the words. I miss you guys. Love you!