Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mary and Chrissy's Birthday

My friend Chrissy and I have birthdays that are just a couple of days apart. We decided to go to Woodstock Vermont to a place called Simon Pearce. They make glass, pottery and hand woven rugs. There is also a restaurant and a place where you can watch them make the glass. We spent a few hours there and I am pretty sure I could have stayed all day. It was so cool. I think it was the most expensive lunch I have ever had in my life, but it was great! LOL Chrissy and Rob got some new pottery for that new gorgeous house of theirs. As for Jeff and I we got . . . Simon Pearce wine of course!! You can check out Simon Pearce online. They have some beautiful pieces. Below are some pictures of them making the glass.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff. That is so cool! I love the pictures . I hope You and your friend Chrissy had a great time.

Love Rebekah & Chelsey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Bithday to Mary, Happy Birthday to you. Hope you hd a great day. mom