Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update - And A Rather Long Post

I wanted to take a minute and share what the babies routine is and what our days are like. More for me than anything. When I look back on to my blog these are things I want to remember.

The babies have settled into a wonderful schedule. Of course I have no idea how long it will last as things are every changing with babies, but right now its wonderful. Our schedule most days looks like this:

5:00am-5:30am: Babies awake. We have a bottle and then 2 or 3 episodes of Baby Einstein. (They usually are done by the end of the 2nd episode). And they play in the front room with some toys we have out for them.

7:30am: Breakfast 1 or 2 Baby Yogurts and 1 or 2 jars stage 2 fruit. If its a weekend daddy will make french toast or pancakes. Sometimes they get toast and fruit spread too. (Whole grain pancakes, wheat bread, no syrup. Mom is no fun!) Then we get dressed and I play with them for a few minutes. We usually read books and practice the words book and ball.

8:00am-8:30am: First nap which usually last about 1.5hr. I can just give the boys their paci and blankets and just lay them down. No crying, no fussing, no rocking. . .they just roll over and go to sleep. It has been a rough road getting to that point, but now that its here its wonderful! Lainey is a bit spoiled and often still needs to be rocked. I usually take my shower, update the blog, fold and sort laundry, make the bed, study. . .

10:00am: Bottles. After bottles the babies will play in between Lainey's room and the kitchen while I clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, and switch the laundry. We will often go for a morning walk. If no walk, when they get tired of playing in the kitchen we play in the nursery.

11:30am: Lunch. Usually 4-5 jars of stage 2 veggies. Then we play some more.

12:30-1:00pm: 2nd Nap. Usually about 1.5hr. Again, I am doing laundry, making bottles, cleaning, studying. . .

2:30pm: Bottle. They play for about an hour then have a snack. Snack ranges from cheerios, wagon wheel, cheddar bunnies to chick peas, tofu, fresh fruit slices. Just depends on what they seem like they are in the mood for. Can you guess what comes next. . . yup more playing.

4:30pm: I start dinner and while its cooking I try to feed the babies dinner. They get oatmeal, fruit and veggie with a sippy cup of formula. (No more bottles after the 2:30 bottle). Then when Jeff gets home we have dinner, then babies always want to try what we have so they have some of our dinner too. After dinner Jeff plays with babies until I get the kitchen cleaned then we do baths. Then its play time until about 6:45. While they are playing they get another sippy of formula.

6:45-7:00pm - Babies get over night diapers on, teeth (ok tooth) brushed, then bed. They sleep through til 5:00 or 5:30am. We go through stages of one baby waking. The last few nights Lainey has been waking about 4:30am. We (ok Jeff) gets up with her and rocks her back to sleep. There are many nights though when nobody wakes, its wonderful!

Jeff and I are enjoying them more than ever right now. The beginning was unbelievable hard. I am still amazed we made it through with little help. But we did and we are not divorced!! BONUS! LOL

The babies LOVE their daddy. It is the most precious thing to watch. When Jeff gets home from work or visits us on lunch the babies bolt across the room to get to him. All three of them. And because the are so big now he has to kneel down to acknowledge all three as he cant pick them all up anymore. They also stand at the front room gate and cry their eyes out when he leaves. He gives them all hugs and kisses and they stand at the gate and cry and cry. He hates it! I almost have to push him out the door because he does not like to leave when they are crying. Thankfully, they will usually get over pretty quickly. Cheerio's help. =)

I love to watch the babies interact with each other. So precious! They will now chase each other and laugh at each other. They also like to stand at the windows in the living room and yell out to people. Cracks me up. Gabe is a very strong baby and can pull on the locked baby gate and get it open. He knows to sit out of the way so he can open it all the way, he lets his brother and sister escape then he makes a run for it. Its hysterical. I know this is only the beginning. Oh boy! The babies are starting to understand certain words like "NO" (they hear that a lot) and follow mommy, eat, and they respond to their names. Lainey waves and claps, so sweet. All the babies gives kisses (usually only to daddy. . .WHATEVER!) And Lainey is walking. She only get about 2-3 steps but none-the-less, walking. LOVE IT! They are doing so many wonderful things, if I try to list them all it would take me a week. I just want to remember some of the wonderful things and times. Now I should go because Lainey found a permanent marker. . .

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Rebekah said...

Well, It's nice to see that everybody is doing great!! Love you guys! Can't wait to see you!