Saturday, June 6, 2009


Its Americade weekend yet again. Jeff has been to Americade every year. Even last year when I was VERY pregnant he was able to take a quick ride down long enough to get a pin. I was on complete bed rest this time last year so Jeff didnt like to go far. This year we had Danny and Steph sit with the babies after we put them to bed and took a ride down. It was so great to be Jeff and Mary again and take a small break from mommy and daddy. (Thank you so much Danny and Steph). We had the best time! I had not been on the bike in over 2 years so this was a real treat for me. When we got to Lake George Village we walked around and checked out all the bikes and Jeff had some patches sewn on his coat. Of course we got a pin for our coats. I had a pretty rough day yesterday so its was great to get out with Jeff and enjoy some time together. Here are some pictures we took of bikes the other day. We actually took these for Jeff's friend, not really Jeff's kind of bike but they were pretty cool none-the-less.

One of the patches that Jeff had sewn on his bike was a remembrance patch for his good friend Mike. Mike passed a couple months ago from cancer. Jeff had a couple of these patches made after Mike past. Mike was one of the coolest, nicest people I will ever meet. Jeff worked with him at Finch Pruyn and they continued to be friends long after Jeff left Finch. Mike did a lot of construction jobs and would often hire Jeff to help him. He even put the addition on our house. Jeff really looked up to Mike. I dont think it has sunk in to either of us that he is not with us anymore.

Last but not least we were able to take the babies to Americade on Thursday afternoon. I was a little nervous because I wasnt sure how they would handle the loud noises from the bikes but they loved it! They had a ball. We caused quite the commotion pushing the baby limo through the village. People stopped us about every 3 feet. 3 people asked to take pictures of the babies. And only one person touched them (we all know how mommy feels about that! - I handled it well and did not have a heart attack). I was a little weirded out about people taking pictures of them, but Jeff is much more laid back than I am and he was fine with it. I was so proud of my little monkeys at how good they were. I love it when we take them out and people say how good they are. It happens almost every time we take them out. Here is a picture of all of us at Americade.

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