Friday, March 27, 2009

Out For A Walk

Today was a beautiful day!! When daddy got home, we made an impromptu decision to take the trio out for a walk. It has been so long since we have been out walking with them and we really wanted to enjoy the nice weather. The babies have nearly outgrown their infant seats (lengthwise not weight) so we had to put the toddler seats on the triplet stroller. They are great!! I love the toddler seats. They recline, have a foot rest that can be placed up or down, and have these great little sacs that you can button up around the baby to help keep them warm. I wasnt sure how the babies were going to like the new seats but as you'll see from the pictures, they loved them. Lainey was bright eyed and smiles the entire time. The boys enjoyed the fresh air and comfy seats so much they fell asleep. We had a great time, I cant wait to do it again!


gramma and poppa said...

They are so cute! I laughed when I got to Laineys pic. lol Gabe and Nick are asleep but not They are great pics.

Madigan said...

It was a beautiful day.. tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer!

Anonymous said...

I love your stroller!

Lani said...

Is that a peg perego stroller? Looks comfy! I had an older model of that and it was not at all like that!
Just wanted to invite you to join this blog I started! Maybe we can feature you sometime?
Have a great day!

Lani said...

Hi again:)
The playard I have is called a Little Playzone, has them, but I also bought a few off craigslist for much less, of course. I have a total of four sets, but you can also just get extensions.. it's also in the amazon widget on the side of my blog!