Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crawling, Cruising, And Laughing!


Gabe got the biggest kick out of watching this toy spin. He was cracking himself up! It was so cute to watch. He had mommy and daddy laughing pretty hard too!


Lainey is crawling! This was taken about a week ago. She is much faster now! So much fun!


gramma and poppa said...

I,m still laughing!!! She is sooo cute!!! I loved it when she tryed to use her little bottom to scoot along LOL To Cute Lainy Bug!!

gramma and poppa said...

He is so beautiful, His laugh is infectious!! I had to watch it twice and can,t stop laughing. LOL Your beautiful Gabriel!!!

Nichelle said...

YEAH!! Love the videos!! I had not been on in awhile had alot of catching up to do! Looking good!

Wendy said...

That video of Gabe is hilarious. They are getting soo big.