Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally, An Update

Things are getting a little better. Babies are still not sleeping great during the day. They are teething!!! But they do ok at night. They usually sleep between 7-10 hours. Gabe slept 11.5 last night, he got the "Baby of the Day Award". They all had their 4 month vaccines today (they will actually be 5 months in a couple of days). They did pretty good. Minimal crying, no real side effects as of yet. Gabe cried the hardest but he also missed his nap. So, he was tired, hungry and mad. Poor baby. Nick cried for about 10 seconds then he was fine. Lainey cried pretty hard but she was quick to get over it. The doctor said they are "thriving and doing wonderful". He said he was very pleased with how well they were doing and how big they were. They are:

HT: 25 3/4" (95th percentile)
WT: 14.2 lbs. (75%)
HC: 15 1/4" (<5%)

HT: 24 3/4" (50%)
WT: 15.8lbs (75%)
HC: 16" (10%)

HT: 25 1/4" (55%)
WT: 15.13lbs (75%)
HC: 16" (10%)

You'd never now the babies were 3 and 4 pounds when they were born. We are so proud of them!! I finally have my camera back but now I cant find the cord!! Grrrr - So here are so older pics of the trio.


Madigan said...

Glad to hear they are doing well!!!
Love and hugs.

gramma and poppa said...

They are so beautiful. I miss them alot. I love the pic of Nick,just too cute. Give them lots of kisses and hugs o.k. Love you all and miss you lots.

Rebekah said...

Wow they are getting soooo big!!! I can't beleive it!! Wow they grow fast!!!!

Love and Miss you!