Friday, April 11, 2008

6 Month Belly Picture

24 Weeks. We made it 24 weeks. What a great milestone for us. The babies are considered "viable" and could survive outside the womb. I feel blessed to have made it to the 24 week mark and am looking for to the next goal which is 28 weeks. The survival rate at 28 weeks is almost the same at full term. I have had a talk with the babies and told them they are to stay put for a couple more months. They seem comfy, if not squished. They kick me all the time, but it very rarely hurts. We have another appt on Friday 19th in which I will get sizes of the babies again. I know they have grown!! I am having a little trouble getting around. My muscles plain ole' just hurt! LOL But even so, its not too bad . . . yet. My mom will be here next week to help take care of things. I am looking forward to her being here as things are getting a little harder to do. She did buy a one way ticket though!! Um, Mom. . .you have to go sometime!!! LOL


Kasey said...

You are so flippin cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so cute!