Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh "BOY"!

We had our ulstrasound appointment and I think it was the best appointment I have ever had! All my blood work came back good and my cervical length was great. All the babies look good, heart beats are great and they are getting so big!! We video taped the ultrasound, I am not sure how will it came out but I will post it later. You can hear the babies heart beats. It is a really long video so it may take me a few days to post it. We also found out the sexes of the 2 of the babies!!! Ok, they are. . .eh hem, drum roll please. . . .

Baby A (still to early to tell but leaning towards a. . .)

BOY (Just a foot in this picture)

Baby B (definitely a. . .)


Baby C (90% sure a . . )


Thats right, there could be 3 boys in there!!! So much fun!! We are just ecstatic! Jeff is grinning from ear to ear. There is still a possiblitiy that Baby A is a girl so we will just have to hold out a couple more weeks to find out. Either way would be wonderful. Belly picture coming soon. . .


Jessica said...

From a Mommy of triplet boys, let me just say an early CONGRATS!! :) How wonderful!!
It's such a wonderful journey!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Mary,
It was so great to run into you at Target. I love your blog!!! I have laughed and cried. I had to watch the video of your mom twice and cried both times! Watching Jo in the background wiping her eyes as your mom hugged and cried with you is priceless. I miss them all. I will definately be checking your site as often as I can. The ultrasound pictures are awesome!!!
Michelle H.