Friday, February 22, 2008

Fondest Pregnancy Memories

I really love being pregnant. I know some people will think I am nuts and that's ok. I really do though, thus far. I have been blessed with a great pregnancy so far with some minor symptoms. Since it is going by so fast and this will most likely be my only pregnancy I thought I would list my favorite memories so far. . .

1. The day we were finally able to take a pregnancy test and the test was defective so Jeff and I (at 7:30am) went to Wal-Mart to get another test and vacuum cleaner filter. Jeff stayed in the bathroom to check the test, I couldn't watch. I knew the answer when Jeff came out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes. We're pregnant. I jumped up and down until Jeff said "Don't jump you might break something!"

2. Watching (ironically) Shrek the Third that morning.

3. Getting my blood work done. The doctors were checking to make sure my hormones had doubled and the nurse said "Oh yeah, you doubled. You more than doubled!" What does that mean I asked. She just giggled and scheduled my first U/S.

4. Telling the "Ladies Retreat Gang", Chrissie, Jess and momma Winslow at Chrissie's house.

5. Having bleeding that night that warranted the emergency U/S the next morning in which we found out everything was fine and we were having twins!! haha

6. Telling Jeff's family and some more or our close friends.

7. The U/S appointment scheduled the day before we were to fly to Nebraska for Christmas in which we found out we were having 3 babies!! We heard the heart beats for the first time. In the beginning of the appt. I kept asking her so many questions she finally said "Mary your driving me nuts, wait until I am done and I will answer your questions". So I casually talked with my husband when we hear "Um guys, excuse me guys, you have three babies!!". Then Jeff and I laughed hysterically, then said "Wait WHAT".

8. Telling my family in Nebraska.

9. Having the news spread like wildfire and getting SO MANY phone calls!

10. Jeff reading to the babies.

11. Noticing the baby bump start and the forceful gagging which lead to my husband calling me Lurch. Gagging so bad I would tinkle!

12. Jeff putting me on a very strict diet of fruits and veggies and making me eat ALL THE TIME!

13. Jeff bringing me an extra chocolate, extra thick milkshake from Stewarts to celebrate 14 weeks.

14. Seeing the babies move for the first time.

15. Finding out what the babies were. Well at least 2 of them.

16. Feeling the baby flutters for the first time.

17. Jeff finally wanting to go baby shopping, 3 bag fulls later we have baby boy onsies galore.

I am sure there are more, so I will add to the list as I go.

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