Monday, July 23, 2007

A Talented Family

While sorting through some pictures and things to post on the blog I came to a realization that we have a very talented family. We have photographers, cooks and chefs, woodworkers, painters, jewelry makers, sewers, writers, magicians and list goes on and on. I realized that I am very proud of the family that I have and all there talents and accomplishments, so I decided to showcase a few of them. . .

Dad, this is so great. . .don't kill me for posting it!!! LOL


Mom, I was out with Mike and Gail this weekend and come across some of your old friends. Thought you might like to see them. . .

Hey Doowittagen, ya wanna do a trick again on this website I really really want to see another trick!!! HEHE (I know this is a work in progress, I was just so excited that you are going to have a website that I had to post. (It is to the right of the main screen by Jeff's website). Again, don't kill me for posting it!! LOL

Cool Bird

Jeff and I were traveling up North this weekend and we came across a really big birds nest. We thought at first it was a bald eagles nest, but it was an Osprey's nest. It was really cool.
home... not home....

A Prayer For Sara

I am very sad to report that has been pretty sick lately. She is vomiting and we cannot seem to figure out the problem. She has an appointment at the vet, so I will keep everyone posted. If you remember, please say a little prayer for her tonight. She is the only baby I have and I'm not ready to lose her yet. :(


Anonymous said...


You are doing a great job on this Blog! I'm glad you posted the video from dad. As for my website, as soon as I find a way to post some vidoes, I'll put up some tricks for you. Miss you guys a lot. Hope Sara gets better. :(

Tom A.K.A. Doowittagen

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Thank for posting my friends, I miss the little critters. I was glad to hear that Mike and Gail were pleased with my work. I did do a good job, didn't I.( haha) I needed to brag just a little. I will send you some pictures of the rest of my critter family. luv ya mom