Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Long Time, No Write

Ok, I know I have not posted anything in a while. . .I'm sorry. Things . . .as usual. . . are really really busy this time of year. As if work, softball (for Jeff who happens to have the highest batting average on his team right now. . .he rocks) and house projects weren't enough Jeff also works side jobs in the summer and I am looking for something part-time in addition to my full time job!! Our wants out weigh our pay!! So, we decided a little extra income never hurt! Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know we were doing great. We get the new carpet installed in two rooms in a couple of weeks. The addition will be done then (I did not think that day would ever come) and I will post pictures.

Back By Popular Demand

As most of you know, Jeff does photography as a hobby. He has some of his photos hanging at The Gourmet Cafe in downtown Glens Falls and he had one of his prints published in a travel book. Lately he has been getting a lot of request for his prints. Anyone interested can go to his website (see left side of blog) and see his photos there. They are all available to purchase. He has many many many more photos that he needs to add to his site, again that time factor gets in the way. Pass along his website to anyone that is interested. If anyone wants pricing, just email Jeff and he can work something out with you. Below is his most requested photo. He was a finalist in a very large photo contest with this print as well. Enjoy and thanks for looking!!


Anonymous said...

"Our wants out weigh our pay" we seem to have the same problem. :o) Tell jeff congrats on the batting average. Love the blog. Miss you guys a lot.

Tom A.K.A. Dowittagen

Anonymous said...

What great fun reading your blog. I sould check it more often. Mari and I took off for Denver last Tuesday, ended up in Wyoming on Wednesday and drove back to Omaha on Friday. It was a much needed break. We are still planning to be in New York in September. Can't wait to see everyone.


Mary Dunbar said...

Hi Dad and Tom!! Thank you for the messages!! We miss you guys SOOO much! Dad cant wait to see you in September, I think Alyssa will be home then too! Love ya's!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary and Jeff, Like you, Dave and I have not stopped since we arrived. I can't wait to see the new pictures of your home. Way to go Jeff on batting adverage, ( u the man). We all miss you guys alot, can't wait till xmas so we can all be together again. The girls r beautiful, (they miss u alot.) Well time for my show. Love the blog. Keep us posted Love mom