Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There's life Jim, but not as we know it. . .

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on the blog.  I have had a few requests to start doing the blog again, and I actually do miss it.  I guess life just catches up with you; especially life with almost 4-year-old triplets.  Is it just me or is it mind-boggling how fast time goes when you have little ones? 

So what have we been up to for the last year or so. . . lots.  We are firmly settled in Omaha and are happy here.  I would be lying if I were to pretend that a piece of my heart is not still in New York though.  There are still so many things about Upstate I miss, family and friends most of all.  Jeff and I have SO much going on it is almost scary and makes life move lightening fast.  And don't even get me started on all the things the kids are up to now.  Let me tell you:

Lainey - My sweet Lainey girl.  She is such a girly girl.  She loves all things pink and princess.  I fight with her on a daily basis to stay out of her drawers as she is constantly changing clothes.  She will already let me know if I have picked out something for her to wear that she does not like.  She also loves to sing and dance.  It really is the cutest.  At any given time throughout the day you will find her in a dressup outfit, usually with a wand, singing and dancing.  She has a giggle that can make even the grumpiest of people (or moms) smile and laugh.  She is the tallest of my trio, but about average for her age.  She can count to 20, knows all her letters, is starting to write her name and spell small words.  She can tell you her full name and where she lives.  She loves to color and can master a puzzle in minutes. And although she loves to be girly, she is the first one to get in the dirt or "pet" a bug or snake.  I think that is the best thing about her; she is the best of both worlds.  She also LOVES when you scare her.  I must say dad and I enjoy scaring the pants out of her too.  She goes to preschool twice a week right now and she loves it.  She is doing really well in school and gets very upset if she can not go for whatever reason.  She is always the first one to befriend someone at the park or play areas.  It takes her about 3 seconds and she is paling around with someone.  If I could pick one word to describe Lainey it would be lighthearted.

Nicholas -  Oh Nicholas.  Nicholas brings so much fun and laughter to our house it is indescribable.  More times than not, if something naughty is happening, Nicholas is the ring leader.  This child lives to laugh.  I am not talking a chuckle, I am talking full-bellied, gasping laughter.  If there is more than a few minutes gone by where we have not seen Nicky, we always look at each and go "Where's NICK!".  He is usually getting into something or figuring out his next move to make us all laugh.  This child is afraid of nothing.  He will climb and jump off of anything.  He will pick up any bug or critter he sees.  He does not think twice about climbing the rock wall at the park or heading for the tallest slide.  Recently he took the plastic mat we keep shoes on to keep dirt off the floor, sat it in and rode it all the way down the stairs slamming into the wall with a thud.  When I looked at him, he was hysterical.  He is the smallest in height of my three but stocky as all get out.  He is a very confident little boy.  He goes to preschool also.  His teacher describes him as "that kid, the one who is always helping the others and always making you laugh".  He has a tendency to talk for his brother and sister.  If you are unsure of what one of them wants or needs, ask Nick.  He can tell you.  He too can count to 20, knows all his letters, can almost write his name, can spell his name and spell a few small words.  He also can tell you where he lives and his full name.  If I could pick one word to describe Nick it would be fun-loving.

Gabriel - My cuddly, cuddly Gabey.  Gabe is the most loving child.  He is my snuggler.  He always want to sit with you or snuggle up on the couch with you.  Even at almost 4 years old, I will still rock him to sleep for nap.  It is some of most cherished times with him.  Gabe is a very laid back, easy going child.  He gets along with everyone, but is perfectly content to play by himself off in a corner somewhere.  I recently read the book Ferdinand to the kids and it reminds me a lot of Gabe.  One of Gabe's favorite things is music.  This child lights up a room when he hears music.  He has got so much rhythm, it is an absolute joy to watch him dance.  He also goes to preschool, and his teacher says music is her most favorite time because she loves to watch Gabe come to life when the music starts.  Gabe is also a thinker.  He wants to know how things work and will spend the time to figure it out.  He is such a smart kid.  His pediatrician calls him an industrious kid and I would have to agree.  Although, Nick is smaller is stature, Gabe is very much the little brother.  He seems to follow Nick at times and wants to do what Nicky is doing.  The three of the kids are extremely close, but Nick and Gabe are thick as thieves sometimes.  He is also very thoughtful.  If one of the kids is upset, he will bring them their blankie or try to console them.  I recently had a very rough day which let me to tears.  Gabe was on lap within minutes rubbing my face and saying "I will make you feel better mommy".  Melt my heart.  He too can count to 20, knows his letters, can spell his name and can tell you where he lives.  If I could pick one word to describe Gabe it would be warmhearted. 

Jeff - I am so proud of my husband.  He works extremely hard to take care of us and allow me to stay home with the kids.  He has a photography business that is starting to really takeoff.  He is so talented.  I love to see what he comes up with.  He has a studio now in addition to his on site photography.  This takes up a lot of his very limited free time.  He also works for Tyson as receiving clerk at nights.  He leaves at 4pm and gets home at 2am.  During the school season, he works for a photographing company taking school pictures.  When he is working this job as well, he is up between 4am and 6am giving him very little sleep.  He also does odd jobs like sheet rocking and things when he can pick up extra work like that.  In addition to all this, he is a wonderful husband and father.  The kids absolutely adore him.  They have to call him every night before bed to tell him good night.  Without fail, they will ask him to come home.  Jeff is also going back to school after a short break.  He does so well in college, constantly winning grants and awards.  He will have his bachelors in another couple of quarters.  With 3, sometimes 4, jobs, school, being a dad and husband on his plate, to say he is busy would be an understatement.  I think he has settled in Omaha and likes it here.

Me - What can I say about me, I am a work-at-home mommy.  I am a "soccer mom" and not embarrassed to say I love every minute of it.  Though I am by no means the perfect mom and have so very much to learn and improve upon, I will say I think it is my calling.  It completes me.  I get so much joy at of being home with my kids (most days . . .lol).  These are the only "babies" I am going to get so I try to enjoy every minute of it.  I never have enough patience, time or energy but I would not trade it for anything.  I spend my weekdays being a homemaker and spending time with the kids.  I volunteer at their preschool and go on play dates often.  We can probably tell you where every park in the city of Omaha is.  My mom has been a Godsend and comes to the house at least twice a week to give me a break and help with the kids or house.  I really don't know what I would do without all of her help.  My evenings and nights are spent doing medical transcription from home.  I by no means am getting rich, but it makes me feel good to contribute to family income even just a little.  Once in a while I even get to see my husband and spend some time with him.  We have met some great friends here and once in while get a date night.

So that's a little bit of what has been going on with my sweet family.  I am hoping to keep up with the blog and hope you will check in with use once in a while.  For now, I leave you with a picture of my sweet littles:


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