Friday, April 2, 2010

These were taken yesterday morning. At 8:45am the babies were all saying "ba-bye" so I took them outside to play. They had a ball and it was beautiful out.

Gabes loves to swing and play with the swing.

Dancin' the jig because she found some chalk

Daddy taught them how to climb the rock wall just to scare the crap out of mommy.

Nicky loves his trucks.

This is where mommy just about fainted.

Gabe looking at me like "what is your problem mom?"

Lainey spent the entire morning coloring every surface she could find, including mommy.

Look at that face, so adorable!

"Hey mom, check out my trucks!"

They all love the slide. Here comes Gabe. . . .


Nick stying to borrow some chalk from Lainey. Lainey "excuse me, but thats my chalk".

Lainey likes to pull the bulbs off the flowers then bring them to me saying "UH-OH"

Nick "oh good, she's not looking I can get some chalk".

Gabe "oh good he's not looking I get the trucks".

Nick ended up with the trucks and the chalk, this does not surprise me.

Doin' some grillin'

Or maybe just pulling the knobs off. Nick "hey mom, check this out".

Just bouncin' 'round.

They are so much fun!


gramma and poppa said...

Made me cry, sniff, sniff, but a happy cry!!!! They are growing so fast! I cant beleive they are doing the things they are. I mean climbing, Gabriel got to the top, hehe, and was so happy and pround, and then comes down the other side!!! Gooooo Gabe!!!!! Thats something Jeff would do, skydiving, hehe!!! Lainey, Shes going to be a School Teacher hehe. To beautiful, she IS all girl!! Love you my angel baby!!! and Nick, LOL, What can I say, hehe!! Love you Nichlos, Too beautiful, He looks like he got bigger? Love all the pics!!! Thank you soooooooo much!! Where do you find the time!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures made me smile, laugh...and miss you guys sooooo much! Love Lainey's little mini skirt, that is too much and the boys at the grill has to be my favorite picture!! Can you guys please pack it up and come back to NY now, or do I seriously have to relocate?!!! Love you all!!! -Mere