Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nick's First Hair Cut

We took Nick to get his first hair cut at a place called Family Fun Cuts. They play video's, have little cars for you to sit in, blow bubbles, you name it. All kinds of fun things to try to make your toddler happy during their hair cute. Sadly it did not work for Nicholas, my poor buddy screamed his head off the entire time!

Before Pictures


Mommy trying to convince him that everything is okaaaaay.

The stylist game him a sucker. He has never had a sucker and didnt have a clue what to do with it! He threw it on the floor. Nice.

Desperately reaching for mommy, he wanted out.

Poor kid. He was so upset! But look how long his hair is on top, he definitely needed a trim.

Mommy frantically feeding him snacks.

More snacks!

All done and feeling better now that daddy's got him.

Eyes still red, all done and looking great.

What a handsome boy.


gramma and poppa said...

I just love these pics of his first hair cut!!!! He's such a cutie!!! We love you Nicholas!!!

Shelby said...

Eli finally outgrew that stage just this last haircut. We used to draw straw and whoever lost had to take him to get his hair cut.
Kai is worse. I know how the whole experience can be. Nick looks handsome :)