Sunday, December 6, 2009

How We Like Omaha And A Baby Update

So we have been in Omaha for about a month and are really started to feel settled. It is much much different then Upstate NY that is for sure. It is really flat for one thing. . .where are the mountains? I have been "homesick" a few times since we have been here, really missing our family and friends in NY. But all in all we are really enjoying Omaha. There is SO MUCH TO DO! And lots of it is free which is so nice. We love being so close to our family. I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed watching my family get to know the babies and vise versa. The babies will actually smile and clap now when we pull into the driveway at Tom and Jo's house. They love having the girls to play with and I love having all the company. Rarely is there a time when more then a day will go by when we dont see the girls, Tom, and Jo. They all just babysat for us so Jeff and I could have a night out. They even did baths and put the babies to bed. Jeff and I were in much need of a date night and we had a great time! One of my other favorite things is making meals and delivering them to Tom and Jo and Dad and Mari. They all do the same for us too. Its so much fun to go to Dad's on Sunday's. We have a blast there and he is always cooking something. And in case you didnt know, he is an AWESOME cook! Oh how we are reaping those benefits!! Mom and Dave are only a days drive away which is nice. We wish they were close but it is so much better then being 3 days away. They will be here for Christmas and we cant wait. They enjoy the babies so much. It will be such a great Christmas to have most of the family here. Jeff and I are both home right now and boy oh boy could I get used to this! I absolutely LOVE having Jeff home and the kids adore him so they love it too. He does have some things in the works, so not sure how long that will be but I am enjoying every minute of having him home. I guess its safe to say we like it here!!!

As for the babies, its been a while since I have done an update so here goes:

Lainey - My sweet Lainey bug. Gosh this little baby girl is awesome. She has the absolute cutest giggle ever. She is still my tender hearted baby girl. She loves to snuggle and wants to be held a lot. She says momma, dadda, dog dog, ball, boo, and hi. She plays hide and seek and loves to be chased. She loves when you scare her, she is so much fun. One of her favorite things is when daddy throws her in the air. She loves it. She is a chatter box too, she walks around the house "talking" away. Jeff and I will sometimes just sit and listen to her and we cant help but giggle at her. I wish I knew what she was saying. She loves to eat paper and has devoured many of her books. She does hi-five and loves to play with shapes. She is my best eater, will eat just about anything you put in front of her she just doesnt eat a lot. She is a peanut in comparison with her brother. She weighs about 22lbs and wears 18mon clothes. We are transitioning to a one nap schedule and she does pretty well with it. She usually goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps right through until somewhere between 6:30-7:30am. Nap is usually around 11:00am and is about 2 hours. She is generally a happy baby.

Nick - My energetic fun-loving Nicholas. The baby boy is in to everything! He keeps me on my toes. He is a very curious and at times mischievous baby boy. Nicholas literally makes us laugh everyday, all day. He has a smile about a mile wide and the hardiest laugh I have ever heard. He wants to crawl, climb, jump off of, and get in to everything and anything. We can always tell when Nick is up to no good because whenever he is doing something he's not supposed to he laughs hysterically. So hard to discipline him because we are trying not to laugh. He is a fussy eater and will not try anything. We have to wipe the new food on his lips and allow him to give it a little taste before he will even think about trying it. He drinks a lot and loves his snacks. He has become more of a snuggler lately but its never for long. He does not stop long enough to snuggle. He says momma, dadda, dog dog, ball, and hi. He also gives hi-five and plays hide and seek. His favorite game is also chase and loves to be scared. I call him my little adrenaline junky. He takes after his daddy. Nick is my shorty and wears 12mon pants and 18mon shirts. He weight about 24lbs. He too is going to a one nap schedule. Nick is my best sleeper. He usually takes a really good afternoon nap around 11:00am, 2 hours. He too goes to bed around 7:00pm and sleeps until somewhere between 6:00am-7:00am. Usually 6:30am. He too is a happy baby.

Gabe - My sweet snuggly Gabey. Gabe is a little lover and a flirt. He has the sweetest eyes and smile, they melt your heart. When ever we take the babies out everyone always googles over Gabey. He has a smile for everyone. Gabe is normally a very laid back baby, although he is going through a bit of a fussy needy stage right now. He is my gentle giant, but is insanely strong for a baby. Baby gates are no match for Gabe if he decides he wants through. Gabe has the most precious chuckle ever. You cant help but start to laugh when you hear him get going. He LOVES to watch tv, he only ever watches Baby Einstein but he really loves it. He has also become quit the dancer lately. Gabe will find a toy and study it inside and out. He loves to spin things and chews on everything. He too is a great eater, I usually have to cut him off. He has become a bit fussier lately though. Gabes favorite games is also chase and to be scared. Gabe loves to cuddle and be held. He says momma, dadda, and hi. Gabe is in 12-18mon pants and 18mon shirts and wieghs about 25. Occasionally he says ball, dog dog, and all done. He does not like to go to bed, ever. Not for nap or bedtime. Although he does really well at bedtime, he just needs to chat for a couple minutes before he will go to sleep. Naps have been tough for Gabe, but he is finally able to be laid down for nap without rocking. He still protests but usually no more then a couple of minutes. He sleeps about the same schedule as Nicky as they share a room. Gabe is a really happy baby and normally only fusses when something is buggy him.

All the babies do sign language now and are all on the same schedule. We work very hard to make that happen. It always makes me count my blessings when we hear how good are babies are. We hear it a lot when we take them out and honestly it makes us so proud. I know there is more I could tell, but I just wanted to give a "little". . .ahem. . .update on all of them. We love you so much Lainey, Nicky, and Gabey!


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They are growing to fast, Kepp them small for as long as you can!!!!

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