Monday, August 3, 2009

I Too Am Counting My Blessings

A friend of mine who is also a triplet mommy did a post about this very subject today and I felt compelled to count my blessings today too. Many of our triplet mommy's and blogging friends are struggling with different illness with their babies. Some more serious than others. As I look at this picture of my 3 healthy happy babies who were wearing orange this day in honor of baby Stellan who was not doing well, I cant help but feel so lucky to have them. I too am counting my blessings.


Mira said...

You go girl. Thanks for hopping on my bandwagon.
Gotta stop complaining once in a while don't I?

Cassie said...

We definitly have a lot to be thankful for! Your kids are adorable and Im glad everyone is doing so well!

Amy Missey said...

You guys and your posts keep getting me teary! We're all very lucky, aren't we?