Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Trip To Nebraska

The babies are finally feeling better so I have a minute to post some pictures from our trip. We had a great time and the babies did awesome on the plane. People told us how good our babies were, we are so proud of them! Even on the way home when they were sick they did good on the plane.

When we arrived at the airport we had the entire family waiting for us. It was so great to see everyone and they just loved the babies. We did not get to do a whole lot while in NE because the babies got sick and were unusually fussy. But we did get to go bowling with my brother and sister in law and her sister and husband, we went to the casino with my dad where Jeff won us $150.00, we went to my dad's work to show off the babies, got to hang out almost everyday with mom and Dave, and even made a guest appearance at the Children's hospital ER when the babies got sick! I didnt take a lot of pictures, ok actually I didnt take any pictures. I stole these from my sis's blog and from Jeff's camera. Miss you guys lots!

Tom out of his element and holding boys! LOL

Sweet Nick

Lindsay and Lainey

Lainey Bug

Lainey blowing raspberries.

Playing with Lainey

Kay Kay playing with Nick

Me and my brother, he's the best!


Jo's front room transformed into a daycare! LOL

Chelsey and Lainey

Gabe and Nick, love Nick's expression! LOL

Beckah and Gabe

Daddy bathing Gabe

Tom and Lainey

About a hundred of us giving the babies baths! So fun!!

Arriving at the airport.

Visiting poppa at work.


gramma and poppa said...

Mary, I love the pictures. I have some I will try to post soon. I am glad to hear you are all starting to feel better!!! Love Mom

Madigan said...

Wow Mary- they are getting so big!!
Glad they are feeling better.

Rebekah said...

AW! How adorable! I love the pictures! And I am glad that the babies are feeling better.