Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Play Time With Daddy

These babies LOVE thier daddy! It is so adorable! They all just smile and laugh at him. Nicholas especially loves to talk to daddy. He will laugh and laugh for hours if we let him. I got a video of Jeff playing with Nick last night. I laugh so hard everytime I watch it.


Kristen said...

really cute, thanks for sharing. They are now at that age were they start to become more interactive. It's lots of fun! Soak it all up! How are they sleeping?

Rebekah said...

Thats really cute! lol

Nichelle said...

LMAO that is so darn cute, I love it!! My Ethan laughs but not like that! I am going to have to figure out videos, love it!!!
Keep up the good work daddy:-)
Nichelle (BC)

Bugby and Peapie's mommy blog said...

I love it!!