Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cheesy Happy Birthday To Tom!!

Happy Birthday To You. . .
Happy Birthday To You. . .
Happy Birthday To Tooommmm. . .
Happy Birthday To You!!!

Love you and miss you, wish we were there! (I think if you look close you can see something stuck in my teeth!!! GROSS!!! LOL)

Lake Sunsets In The Boat. . .
We took the boat out for the first time, I think the pictures say it all!!!

Captain Dunny. . .


Anonymous said...

Ahoy Captain Dunny and Mrs. Parsley.

Love the pictures of the sunset. The fisheye lense is great!

I looked for parsley jokes but couldn't find very much so, I made this one up.

What do you call a half-baked potato?

Parley done. ;O}

By the way, If a parsley farmer doesn't pay his taxes can the IRS 'garnish' his wages?

Oh well, thanks for the 'cheesy' birthday post!

Love you guys,
Tom A.K.A. Doowittagen (note the spelling)

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain Dunny

The boat looks great and I love the pictures on the sunset. They are so beautiful. Congrats on the boat. GTG